Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The New Garden

If anyone sees this and has bermuda grass, please comment. I'm starting a garden this year and I have to tackle the tilling by first going through bermuda grass in the yard. I figure I'll just till it in as I tear up the garden space. But, I'm about 99% sure that I'm going to be fighting the grass situation all spring and summer.

I hope that the initial cutting using a new tiller is going to proceed smoothly. I know from experience that the first till is the worst. Anyhow, please comment if have any advice on this first attempt at making a garden space.


Anonymous Scott Chaney said...

You'll need something to stop the runners from the yard bermuda from invading your garden, where it becomes weed bermuda, so some kind of barrier is needed, and it needs to go underground a couple of inches. Also, if you tilled ground that already had bermuda, or other weeds, those seed will germinate nicely in the now not-so-compacted soil. You'll need to kill the weed seeds in there as well.

Scott (fellow weed-bermuda sufferer)

11:07 AM


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